Using WordPress to Blog


OK. I tried posting some text to trial run this but my computer froze – solid. Had to restart and lost the post, but the title remained. So I’m adding this comment under the title to see if it will save it.












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Learning and growing (I hope) in Christ, my Lord. A sinner in daily, hourly need of the grace of Jesus Christ. I'm 72, widower, teacher, friend, seeker of truth, father, grandfather, great grandfather, gay, single. I love reading and want to write; I walk as much as possible, crochet all sorts (mostly Tunisian), sketch a little, make marmalade (sometimes), love nature and everything to do with the natural kingdom, and I'm a dog (and cat) lover.

2 thoughts on “Using WordPress to Blog”

    1. Thanks so much, Matthew! I appreciate your having made the contact here. At least I know this works. If you can give me any tips or advice on how to go on I would much appreciate it.


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